Leaving Iki for the City of Lights

I really ought to start packing.

But yeah!  On Tuesday I leave for Paris and London.  One week (over Christmas) in London and about two weeks in Paris.  I get to see my friend Nikki, who I haven’t seen since Beijing.  I get to go to Europe for the first time.  Drink lots of vin chaud (mulled wine).  Eat plenty of cheese.  The museums!  The architecture!  The people who can speak English (even if they’d prefer it if I spoke French).

Apparently it’s going to be cold while I’m there.  Much colder than Iki (a whopping 50 degrees Fahrenheit right now, while it’s snowing in Paris?!).  But!  I shall console myself with all the shiny things I can see and do.  However, I think I may start to miss Iki.  On the ride back from my Sunday Walk with Ava, I commented that, “You know, sometimes I’m surprised by how beautiful Iki is.  I mean, I know it’s a gorgeous island, but I think I forget.”  And while Paris and London are no doubt beautiful, too, it’s certainly not going to be in the same sort of way as Iki.

Still!  Many great things to look forward to.  Aside from all the cheese (oh, the cheese…).  And the friends.  And the not being alone on Christmas/New Years.  What is this, you ask?


I’ll post when I can, but I’m not sure what interwebs/free wireless will be like.  Besides which, I shall be much more concerned with entertaining myself.  However, look for a New Years Resolution post coming at you sometime before 2011.  So, if I don’t get the chance: Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!