Yes, I’m one of *those* people.

So this morning I had my flight from Fukuoka to Hong Kong.  It left at 10:30.  Except the 21st is Pay Day, and I Needed That Money Bad.  Some of you may not be aware that Japan is a cash based economy–places that accept visa/debit are few and far between, and my salary is placed into a bank account that isn’t capable of either.  This would not be too much of a problem, except Japanese ATMs close.

Yeah.  They’re not 24 hour.

Japanese money makes me feel rich.

The particular ATM closest to my hostel opens at 8:45am.  I got in, got out, and made it back to my hostel by 8:55.  The taxi picked me up at 9:00, and off we zoomed to the international airport.  Because I arrived about an hour before my plane was due to leave (also: 20 minutes before boarding), I hailed down one of those “Calling all the Dumb People who Might Be Late for their Plane” ladies and got bumped up in line, zoomed through security and immigration, and made it to my plane before boarding.  Over the last several times I’ve traveled in Japan, I have (for some reason or another) performed this circus every time.

And yanno what?  It’s kinda nice.  I don’t really like waiting in line.  And even though I feel harried and worried, I get things done fast.  Time moves fast.  I’m not constantly staring at my iPhone or criticizing men wearing socks with sandals in my head.

But I don’t think I’ll ever purposefully make this a strategy.  Because the time I do is the time that I’ll actually miss my plane, and that would be super uncool.

And of course, karma is occasionally a little jerkwad.  Because now I’m waiting in the Hong Kong airport, and I have about seven loooooong hours ahead of me before boarding begins on my flight to Paris.  Which shall also be long.

I would totally love you if Wells Fargo didn't charge a $2 transaction fee for converting to dollars. For each purchase. Regardless of the size.

Computer battery: 50%.  iPhone battery: 70%.  Place to charge either: uncertain.  (Wait!  I can charge my iPhone using my computer!  Which is more important…?)  Total HK dollars left over from the summer: 10.  Total US dollars on debit card: $50 (for food…maybe.)  Pages to crit: 73.  Chance that I will forgo critting and read instead: 10%.  (I can read on the plane.)