Foux de Fafa – an Ode to Paris

There is an indefinable quality to Paris that quickly gets under your skin and sits there, beaming warm, rosy thoughts.  It continues despite the creepy dudes who try to scam you at big tourist spots.  Regardless of the cobblestone streetways covered in dog poo that laugh at your high heels/attempts to look fashionable.  Or the sniffs of disapproval from the occasional French person who can’t believe you would come to France without learning French.  (Nevermind that I’m not monolingual.  I’M NOT ETHNOCENTRIC, I SWEAR.  At least most of the time. coughyesterdayspostcough.)

Even the graffiti in Paris is prettyful.

Perhaps this feeling stems from the seven-story buildings with quaint blue shutters that wrap around street corners despite the architectural headache it must have caused.  Or it’s inspired by the thousand plus years of history imbuing every corner and street name.  Even the graffiti is fascinating, a mix of je ne sais quoi and art showing how multi-cultural and multi-faceted the city has become.

Edith Piaf called it La Vie en Rose, or life through rose-colored glasses.  Most of the time, Paris isn’t just a city, it’s a way of life.  You can drink a glass of wine (or four) every day without feeling like a lush.  Savor the cheese and bread because it’s just that good.  No matter how many times you visit a different church, you’ll always find another one around a random corner, full of dark, hidden nooks of God and stained glass.  There are enough museums to eat art lovers alive for years, great labyrinthine things that are nonetheless very foreigner friendly.  And it’s the center of music in Western Europe, with all manner of bands and orchestras to keep you happy.  And, compared to Japan at least, it’s pretty darn cheap.

So, uhm, I guess I liked Paris.

Okay, I loved it.

Could maybe go so far as to say, ZOMG I WANT TO MOVE THERE RIGHT NOWWWWWWWW.

Unfortunately, due to my onerous student loans and the fact that my job in Japan is pretty plush, that’s not possible now.  HOWEVER.  I can share some of my favorite memories of my twelve days exploring with the fabulous Nikki.  OF COURSE I have many more photos.  Not even my albums on flickr or even facebook (for those who are facebook chums with me) show them all.

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