I can occasionally be productive

Kat’s Super Duper Writing Stats!  HI-YAH!

I’ve been feeling super productive about Singular this week (so far, it’s only Thursday!), and some other writerly things, so I thought I would share my success with you!  Because perhaps I can be like an inspiration?  But really, you don’t want my life.  I pretty much live in a cave.  (It’s COLD outside of my living room!)

I iz making mah prose shinies.

  • Singular chapters/pages edited since Sunday: 6 chapters/90-ish pages
  • Singular net word count: +3500, getting us to about 74,000.  Still in a comfortable spot, if more world-building is required.
  • Times I thought, OMG how did I write something this terrrrrrriiiibbbbble????: 2
  • Times I thought, OMG how did I write something this faaaaaaabulous????: 4
  • Scenes added: 2
  • Scenes moved: 3
  • Scenes deleted: 0
  • Filter words deleted: Thousands (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration)
  • Breaks to play Mass Effect: 4
  • Hours that I played Mass Effect: Uhm, 10?
  • Times I edited the query: 0
  • Times I wished I weren’t such a crazy perfectionist about my writing, and would just send shit out already because really it’s not as awful as I imagine: about 900 kajillion.
  • Times I actually just sent shit out already: 0

I also did some critting!  Many of you may be aware that I wrote an Epic Editorial Letter of the 3000 word and 5 page variety, that essentially said, “Uhm, you need to do some work.  And by some I mean a lot.”  This was after reading the whole MS over a three-ish month period.  Doing full line edits the whole time.  BUT ANYWAY.  I was very pleased because I got an email this morning saying, “Thank you!  You are wonderful!  I really appreciate your hard work!” and that made me feel like I was special inside.

Other things I learned this week, in more specific numbered list form, because such lists please me.

AHAHAHAHA this merit badge is so true it hurts...

  1. Twitter is as dangerous as I had assumed.  You just have to get past the learning curve.
  2. It is SO HARD to be clever and witty in 140 characters.
  3. I may stop using the double-space after periods.  Because that is ONE MORE CHARACTER.
  4. I am quite introverted.  Networking is scary business.
  5. But important business.
  6. I LOVE MY CRIT PARTNERS LOTS.  They are wonderful.
  7. Also, I want to go to New York to see a musical.  Someone buy me a ticket (to both New York, and to a musical, STAT).
  8. I am occasionally funny.
  9. The other teachers in my school, for instance, often laugh when I leap from my desk and begin running in place.  Because I am SO COLD that I cannot feel my fingers or my toes, and my teeth have begun to chatter.
  10. This winter is already too long.

That is all!  Huzzah.  See you next week, fools, unless I think of something particularly clever and wonderful (<—unlikely, as I will be knee deep in MORE EDITS.  Singular, you are getting finished!)

PS: adorable Merit Badges from the Merit Badger.

PPS: I just realized that I haven’t written an official synopsis for Singular yet. NOOOOO!  DOOOOOOOM!!!! (I have my terrifying, “And then this happens and then OH ZOINKS, THAT’D BE AWESOME, and then this…”)  (No one shall ever see my terrifying synopsis but me.)