Yunamoto: A Study in Exposure

We got paid last Friday, which means that for the next week (until I spend too much), I am rolling in the money!  Woooooo!  Thus, I decided to use my money wisely and go for a $6 dollar bath/shower, otherwise known as 温泉, onsen–hot springs.

My adorable little island was once an active volcano (don’t see how else it could exist), but whatever lava that formed it is officially done for.  The water that bubbles into my onsen, Hirayama, is no doubt shipped in from one of the famous onsen towns in Kyushuu–Beppu or Unzen.  Still, at Scaldingly Hot Degrees Celsius (Fantastically Steamy Degrees Fahrenheit), it’s one of the greatest ways to beat the Iki winter cold.

Hirayama is located in a gorgeous part of Iki.  It contains my favorite vista, which I photograph whenever I have the opportunity.  Today I decided to tug on my mittens and give another go at a long exposure shot.

So help me out, kids, and let me know which one you like better–the black and white or the color.  Both are from the same photo, actually, just cropped and edited slightly differently.

The white around the rocks is the water breaking upon them.

But the long exposure makes us lose the usual texture of ocean water, creating a more serene, fluid experience.

30 second exposure, F/13, maybe 25mm, ISO 100, with a 10-stop ND filter.  On a helpful sidewalk because I was STOOOPID and forgot the head for my tripod.  Sigh.  Next time I won’t, and I’ll be right up close to the rocks for a more interesting foreground.