Huzzah Thursday

I’m taking a page out of Chloe’s book and writing about all the things I’m enjoying about life right now.  Because sometimes I think, as we slog through the monotony of every day, how totally awesome the little things are.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh Japan, this does not make me want to eat bananas.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Chloe’s talent with photography and adorable cartoons, but I’ll do my best with words.  😀

  1. Eating ramen with friends–real ramen, not that crappy freeze-dried noodle kind–and hearing HI-larious (slash very serious, hm. should maybe not poo-poo such things, even if they were pretty funny…) stories about weekend hijinks
  2. Collapsing onto the floor in a pile of melodramatic goo when I realize I’ve misunderstood something in Japanese.
  3. Understanding something in Japanese.
  4. Making my students laugh because I’m a silly goose.
  5. Getting sucked into my book when I’m trying to edit something else.
  6. Bollywood music (it really does just make me want to shake my shoulders all over the place. Hm. Or learn cricket.)
  7. Naps underneath my kotatsu
  8. Making friends with people I’ve never actually met. Lots of people, really.  That’s all sorts of awesome.
  9. The chance to eat Mexican food this weekend.  This never happens in Japan.
  10. The temperature increased from 0-3C (Freezing to almost freezing) to 8-10C (Cold to Pretty Cold).

YOUR TURN.  I want lists of happiness!  Recent happiness!  Things you enjoy right now.  LET’S BE HAPPY TOGETHER.