So.  I think my adventures in Nagasaki decreased my white blood cell count or something equally preposterous.  Monday night I started getting a sore throat.  I’ve had it all day today.  I’m battling an oncoming cold with every ounce of my being–eating tons of healthy vegetable-y things, ginger, and tomorrow I’m buying a liter of vitamin C and drinking it all.  (Well, maybe 500ml.)

The moral of the story is, though I’d planned to tell you guys about my recent-found only-slightly-qualified love for Magic Under Glass, instead I lazed about this evening by alternately dicking around on Sooz’s recommended steampunk costume shops or attempting to fix the ending of Singular.  (Which is, I believe, getting better.)  I managed to add about 2000 words somehow.  But I’m gonna have to cut at least 4000, I think.  Cross your fingers that the net word count stays above 70,000.

And FINALLY.  I’ve been freaking out about Ava, ‘The Tank,’ and my upcoming fan dancing performance.  I uploaded a video of my fan dancing teacher to YouTube just so I could watch it whenever I’m feeling particularly neurotic.  Which is all the time.  The ending is cut off because I only have a 1gb SD card.  What can I say?  I rarely use my point-and-shoot.

Hope you guys have better luck than me fighting the common cold!  Cross your fingers that I get better by Friday, as I’m booking it to the nearest big city for some good times with friends.  😀