I don’t know how to spell anymore

So, you know when you’re editing.  And you’re really into it.  And you look forward to editing while you’re at work (or school) and breeze through it when you get home and everything seems pretty much as new and exciting as it did when you first started writing the book?

Yeah, that was me two weeks ago.

You too could experience the wonder of Nietzsche being pedagogical while simultaneously trying to eschew Christianity/Judaism. Yaaaay...

So, you know when you’re editing.  And the words start blurring together.  And you can’t tell if it’s because you’re tired, it’s 50 degrees fahrenheit in your house, or you just don’t know how to speak English anymore because you’re in another country?  And you feel like you should just finish editing already because, for frack’s sake, you only have about 2000 more words to go?

Yeah, that’s me right now.

It’s midnight guys.  Past my bedtime.  (11:30pm.  Why yes, I have become an old(er) lady.)  I really, really want to finish those 2000 words.  But I think it wouldn’t be effective.  And I’d just end up deleting it tomorrow.  And excuse here.  And add excuse here, too.  And add a pithy excuse here, because I think my complaining might be getting on your nerves.

SO.  Let’s go over what I’ve accomplished this week:

  1. Number of pages critted: 165-ish
  2. Chapters edited: 2
  3. Chapters re-written: 2 (not the same as above)
  4. Scenes deleted: Oh. Six?  Eight?
  5. Scenes added: One epic scene.  Plus one reworking of a deleted scene.
  6. Net word gain: Interestingly, I’m still hovering around 73,000.  Which is a pretty good number, all considering.
  7. Times I checked twitter instead of plodding through the hard stuff: millions.
  8. Times I played Mass Effect: 0 (I know! It’s like a miracle.)
  9. Times I cut myself on a knife because I was thinking about my book rather than paying attention to the dishes I was washing: 1
  10. Cakes made: 1

I feel like I’ve been monumentally unproductive, writing wise, this week.  But writing it down makes it seem better than it’s been feeling.  That’s nice.

Do you guys ever feel the same way?  And also, I think there may be a way I can sneak a ninja into my MS.  I already did some subtle Thus Spoke Zarathustra.  Do you guys put little dorky easter eggs in your books for your readers, or is that just me?  And finally, which sounds more delicious: butternut cinnamon loaf or lemon-poppyseed with strawberries?