Remembering n00b-dom.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I used to write fanfiction in the Sailormoon and Harry Potter fandoms. (PS: I shipped fire/ice.  Eat it.)

Fire/Ice fanart by Niphredill

(Holy crap, I just noticed that one of my stories that hasn’t been updated in nine years was still getting reviews in 2008.  0.0)  Writing fanfiction is what eventually got me into writing original stories, and I’ll always be grateful for the communities that refined my writing style and encouraged me to move further.  Even if a lot of it was just ego petting.

Since starting to write seriously in 2008, there are a number of things I’ve noticed in my older stories that make me very, very amused.  Oh!  The power a decade has!

  1. POV shifts: Seriously.  With no purpose!
  2. The dialogue tags: They’re everywhere, and they’re telling telling telling.
  3. Stream-of-consciousness: this was a brief obsession of mine after reading a stream of consciousness short story in 2005 or 2006.
  4. Passive voice: Though I still maintain that it’s okay using SPARINGLY and with purpose.  Generally to make a sentence stand out now, actually.
  5. Pointless flashbacks: Ahahahaha lazy storytelling…
  6. Lack of research: Advil is not allowed in Japan!
  7. Dependence on stereotypes: Oh maaaan… well, what do you expect from a fifteen-year-old?  Also a lazy one.  Also one who does #6.
  8. Failure at voice: Teenagers don’t say “damnable.”  Unless they’re being ironic.  (Which this teenager was not.)  This particular note is incredibly entertaining to me because I was a teenager when I wrote that particular story.  Ohohoho…I guess that’s what I get for trying to sound like a smarty-pants.
  9. ZOINKS I started five paragraphs IN A ROW with an “I”. And I used first person.  GASP.  (This doesn’t happen now.)
  10. I just felt like I needed a 10.

But you know what?  I’m kind-of impressed, too.  I mean, these aren’t fabulous stories, but they’re not terrible.  I had a grasp of grammar!  I may have used a lot of cliches and gone a little too far off the deep end with my terrible jokes…but I also learned a lot along the way.  And eight years later, I can feel a little accomplished.  And I accept that I’m never gonna stop learning. Ever.  I think I’ll always be a n00b, one way or another.

And also, “Meeeeeeercuryyyyyyy how do we destroy it?”