Ask and ye shall receive.

Because even I bow to peer pressure every once in awhile.  (Especially when those peers are my super awesome crit partners.)

(Insert obligatory epic air guitar scream here.)

Performing 愛しき日々 (Ito Shiki Hibi, or Days of Love).  Of the two, this was the dance Tank and I were less worried about.  Because we’d been practicing it for about seven months.  But of the two, most Japanese people thought we didn’t perform this one as well.  I maintain it’s because Americans move the way men move in Japan.  (Wide steps, toes pointed outward, knees generally straight or close to locked when standing.)

And fine, I’ll give you another one.  Because I’m just that nice.  😦

Yes, Tank's hair is styled as if she's in a 80s pop music video. No, I don't know why this considered traditional Japanese hair.

And now I shall go back to my relative kimono-wearing anonymity. Maybe when we do our performance of 黒田の武士 (the man dance) in June, I’ll have more photos of us cross-dressing. Need to get a friend to take them. :/

So! How sweet is my make up?  Which kimono do you like better, mine or Tank’s? Would you ever dress up like this? And do I look intensely in love or just constipated? 0_0