Things I accomplished today and yesterday

As an explanation for why I didn’t blog yesterday, here, in handy list form, because I’ve become so addicted to lists I’ve started speaking in them:

  • Ate four slices of bread with the MOST AMAZING CHOCOLATE-PEANUT SPREAD of all time.
  • Watched the new Glee episode.  BAHAHAHA Rachel’s dress!  Schue and Beiste!  THAT AWFUL DRUNK DIAL.  Oh, it made me so happy.
  • I think I like her more than Sue Sylvester now. I KNOW, right?

  • Critted, uh, a query letter.  Yaaaay?
  • Ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  0_0  Thought I would feel it today.  Do not.
  • Also: stationary bike for 20 minutes while emphatically mouthing the words to the Mamma Mia soundtrack.
  • Washed half of my dishes.  (They multiply like bunnies, I swear.)
  • Learned that the word for hiss in Japanese can apply to both snakes AND cats.  JUST LIKE ENGLISH.
  • I almost just spelled cats as kats.  Clearly I have become too vain.
  • Struggled with a mango for supremacy of my kitchen.
  • Had an earthquake drill at one of my schools.
  • Taught three whopping classes.  WOAH DREAM BIG.

And, oh yeah:

Wrote 4000 new words in Singular,

rewriting the ending for the third time.

Crazy edited this new ending,

and slimmed down my query and synopsis.

And maybe the best thing of all?

Polished up my super-fabulous Birthday Surprise.  😀 😀

It’s been a good couple of days, friends.

How’re your lives going?  Productive, hmmmm?  Spending too much time on twitter, hmmmmmmm?