Resolution Round-Up: February

Holy bejesus, how the hey is it the last day of February already? This is my face –> 0_0 Or also this–> @_@ (Those are spirally dizzy eyes, not I am a geek eyes, FYI.  Even if the latter is also true.)  It’s kinda frightening how quickly this year is melting away.  Pretty soon I’m gonna be 24.  TWENTY-FOUR.  I’m like a famous television show or something.  <_< (<– those are shifty eyes).

Speaking of turning twenty-four, do I have a sneaky but awesome and full of TOTAL WONDER birthday surprise coming up.  >:D (<– that is a cackle.)

All right, enough with the darn emoticons.  Let’s do this round-up business.

Aww, I miss my family. Also can't believe this was a year ago (nearly). (I am not in this picture.)


  1. I will speak less Japanese in class.  Surprisingly, I’m doing much better in my lower level classes than I am with the higher levels.  I think part of that is my teaching partners have me also teach grammar.  And complicated grammar necessitates more Japanese.  Okay, that’s just an excuse.  Sigh.  I WILL TRY BETTER.
  2. Am currently taking into consideration my mother’s hesitation regarding the peace corps.  But that’s okay, because I can still apply for something in Paris.  PARIS LOVE.
  3. I will study Japanese and Chinese.  Last month I said, “AHAHAHAHAHAHA, unless you count learning random slang.”  This month I say, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I FAIL AT LIFE.
  4. Also not applying for the Foreign Service until later.  Finished gifting my sister her wedding gift in time for her first anniversary.  Oh noooo…. but that’s okay.  I’m gonna sign up for the NYT again anyway.  And start buying at least one non-fiction, history/politics related book a month.  LET’S DO THIS, BIZNATCHES.


  1. I will finish two novels. Singular is reaching the editing breaking point.  Though I’m gonna let it sit until I have the finishing touches on my SPECIAL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, not yet ready to start another novel.  I keep thinking about them, though.  Soon, precious, soon…
  2. I will market myself.  I have TWITTER FOLLOWERS.  ::wave:: And people I DON’T KNOW viewing my blog.  This is madness people.  MADNESS.
  3. Less melodrama this month.  This is nice.
  4. Query Singular: I predict within three or four weeks.  (Just so it doesn’t overwhelm that BIRTHDAY SURPRISE.  Those who don’t know–getting curious yet?  :))
  5. Critting: One crit took over a week. 😦  I know.  But there was an emergency for another crit partner.  It shall not happen again.  SWEARS.

It's okay. I'll get all this done because I am "THE girl" according to my students. Ohohoho...


  1. Enter a photo contest: Uh… no…
  2. Credit Card Balance Under $1000: Still haven’t spent anything on the CC yet.  Balance is under $3000.  Weee! Only $2000 more to go 0_0
  3. I will read a book a week: See my current book list below. I think I’m doing okay, though sometimes I read two books a week to make up for not reading one the week before.  Can I count unpublished books?
  4. Donations to charity: water: Gonna do it as soon as I finish this blog draft.  Squee! AND IT’S DONE.
  5. charity: water drive: It’ll happen.
  6. I will run 5x a week: Well, it’s not yet at 5x a week, but I’m closing in on 3x a week.  And generally for at least 20 minutes!  THIS IS GOOD NEWS, FOLKS.

Life is going along swimmingly, guys.  There’s probably more I could be doing rather than my few hours of video game playing (seriously few), but I’ll live.  However, I DO need to make a greater effort to study Japanese/Chinese and for the Foreign Service exam.  This is my life dream, folks, and it’s ridiculous that I’m allowing it to langour out of laziness.  Please help keep me accountable!

How are your resolutions going? Anything crazy awesome happen in February? Do you think resolutions are silly or awesome?  Also, EXCITED YET FOR MY BIRTHDAY SURPRISE?  Because I am.

BookList 2011

  1. Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin (Historical Romance)
  2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (YA contemp)
  3. Across the Universe by Beth Revis (YA Sci-fi/dystopian)
  4. XVI by Julie Karr (YA dystopian)
  5. Unveiled by Courtney Milan (Historical Romance)
  6. Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore (YA fantasy/steampunk)
  7. Romancing the Countess by Ashley March (Historical Romance)
  8. before i fall by Lauren Oliver (YA contemporary)
  9. StarCrossed by Elizabeth Bunce (YA fantasy)