Happy Spring!

(I live on a pretty southern parallel for the Northern Hemisphere–about equal with LA.  That means it’s SO CLOSE TO SPRING I CAN TASTE IT.)

March is the best month of the year.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased.  I was born in March (albeit the end).  But hey, how can you argue with the first day of spring…or fall?  The beauty of cherry blossoms blooming up here in Japan constantly takes my breath away.  And there’s basketball! Or my friend Ashley’s sweet March Madness blogfest, at least. And March itself has such a strong connotation to it.  Stemming from Mars, god of war and action, this is a month to get. shit. done.

I’ve got a lot of big plans for March, and a lot of birthdays to celebrate. (Fun fact: of the five foreign English teachers on my island, four of them were born within 20 days of one another.)  Two of my middle schools are closing, so starting in April I’ll only be working at one school.  That means a lot of “work parties” to attend and get giggly with my coworkers.  I’m going to start studying for the Foreign Service exam.  And then I hope to do some travel and hiking, too.  Oh, and my favorite video game company, Bioware, is coming out with Dragon Age II in A WEEK ZOMG SO EXCITED SQUEEEEEEE!

And finally, of course, there’s my birthday surprise.  But enough about that.  For now.  In the meantime, have a picture of BEAUTIFUL CHERRY BLOSSOMS.  I am getting ready for the spring.  Because I shall actually be here this year.  Huzzah!

The stones in the background are "graves," though the occupants have been cremated.

So what are you looking forward to in March/spring? Have any big plans a-shaking along?  Which month do you think is the best in the year?