Holy bejebus, it’s cold…

Things have been crazy busy on this side of the world, readers. Aside from the usual flamenco, fan dancing, and taiko practice, I’ve also had students’ oral exams, judo lessons, a new private English student, editing my manuscript, critting other manuscripts, preparing for my birthday surprise and, yanno, eating and keeping my house clean. I haven’t been this busy for a long while! But it’s kinda nice, really.

All that being said (I know, you care so much), I have not thought of a blog post that will wow you with my cleverness/awesomeness.

So I’ll wow you with someone else’s instead.

Have you heard of Adele? It only took three youtube videos for me to open up iTunes and buy 21. I’ll be getting 19 next paycheck.  It’s so rare to hear a singer whose live voice is as good as the one you hear on a CD. And her voice is so unique.  I love the way she manipulates the notes and switching octaves to highlight the emotion of the song.  My other favorites from 21 are her singles, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Somebody Like You,” but the whole album is fantastic. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since buying it on Tuesday.

Any good music you’ve discovered recently? Throw it my way! I love new music.  And really, I like it all: country, rap, soul, pop, musicals, punk, rock, classical, whatever.  Tonight, for example, I listened to Muse, Slumdog Millionaire, Carrie Underwood, and the Spice Girls.