Some Huzzah-y Things from the last week

Though I have yet to play Dragon Age 2 today (how is this possible?! GASP), there have been a number of things making me verra happy recently.

Idea stolen shamelessly from oh!Chloe.

Seeing the sakura (cherry blossoms) about to bloom. The first blooms on Iki opened today! Very early.

Blue skies with interesting, fluffy clouds. Even if those clouds blocked out the sun, thereby making me cold.

Watching my students play dodgeball while I yell, 'If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!' No one got it but me.

Seeing Japanese people practice how to bow in unison for a full 10 minutes.

Cupcake liners (from my mommy) that fit perfectly.

Making delicious treats for my friend's birthday (Orange Creamsicle cupcakes and Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes).

Also, no pictures for these…

  • Preparations for my Birthday Surprise (reveal coming soon!)
  • Finding two other people with my fear of hamsters
  • Learning that penguin poo is pink.
  • Playing a video game for 10 hours straight.
  • My awesome new haircut (still in love two weeks after getting it)
  • Donating to a good cause.

🙂 Any huzzahs for you lately? They don’t have to necessarily be things that made you happy, perhaps just things you’re proud of.  Ooor…how pumped are you for my Birthday Surprise? Because I’m so pumped, words can hardly express.