Surprise! (Confetti! Water! CRITS.)

I thought I would tell you about what I’ve done today, so far at least, and then magically tie it into my birthday surprise. (Which is amazing.)

I bet Sue Sylvester would support charity: water. Maybe she got hepatitis from unsanitary water when chasing after her Nazi hunting parents. (Picture by someone Fox-y. Most likely.)

  1. Ate breakfast.
  2. Went to work.  Drank several cups of coffee.
  3. Watched the Glee pilot with my students.
  4. Worked on my query.
  5. Drank several cups of water.
  6. Ate school lunch.
  7. Watched the Glee pilot again with other students.
  8. Critted a query.
  9. Read a book (for fun! imagine that) whilst drinking more water.
  10. Went home. Watched Glee (Original Songs. Dude, “Get it Right” by Lea Michele = wow. And must buy “Trouty Mouth” stat).
  11. Played video games.

I don’t know how many of you have similar days, but this tells you a lot about my life. I’m a writer. I’m a reader. I’m overly obsessed with Glee. I live in Japan where I teach English, play video games, and drink a lot of water.

“Where is she going with this?” one might ask.

Astute readers of the blog may have noticed the Crits for Water page I subtly added at the beginning of the month. If you’ve read that, you know what I’m about to say.

And if you haven’t, get ready for some Awesome.

I also did not make this graphic.

I am combining three of the most important things in my life—writing, reading, and water—into a fundraiser of SUPER AMAZINGNESS. My goal is to raise US$5000 for charity: water*. That can provide an entire community with access to sustainable, clean water.

Right now, one in seven people (also known as one billion people) do not have access to clean water. Instead, they slog hours each day to get water that will give them hepatitis, dysentery, cholera, or e-coli. Have some sobering facts:

over 5000 children under the age of five die each day from unsafe water,
women and children in Africa spend 40 billion hours each year walking for water,
and up to $28 billion in Africa alone is lost each year due to the lack of safe water and sanitation.

charity: water is fabulous because they guarantee that 100 percent of public donations will go towards the field. And they also provide a great fundraising platform, mycharitywater, for communities to work together.

I have seen the amazing generosity of the writing community time and time again. I believe strongly in our ability to help others. And here is how I think we can do it again:

When: March 31, 2011 to June 30, 2011
Where:, campaign URL to-be-announced
What: A campaign to raise US$5000 (or more!) for water
Who: The Writing/Publishing Community of Total And Complete Awesome
Why: Because everyone deserves clean water.

Crits for Water

in which

your donations to the Crits for Water campaign will get you a crit from me. Or other authors, agents, and editors. Also, Super Sekrit giveaways.

I did, however, make this banner. Yay!

It’s gonna be fan-friggin-tastic. Even epic. Be there. Tell your friends. Tell your agent or editor. Tell strangers on the street who look like they might be novelists.

More information to come over the next two weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the info page on the left.

*You may wonder why I’m not changing the campaign to help Japan as, yanno, I live there. Well, several reasons. First, other authors have already thought of that!  (Us writers, we’re smart.)  Second, I don’t have enough knowledge of the relief charities to decide which one I’d focus on. Third, I’ve already contacted many authors and agents about this, and I feel it would be confusing if I switched. And fourth, I’m actually much lazier than many people imagine. 😉