Details of the Actual Bidding and…stuff.

Hopefully by now you’re super excited about the list of Special Guests. And please remember that this list will be updated as more people donate crits, so keep checking back or follow me on twitter to stay updated. Anyway. Today, in case there’s any lingering confusion, I thought I would detail the events of this shindig.

IMPORTANT: I am always open to more crit donations! If you’re a published/agented author, an agent, or an editor, contact me at katharine_brauer @ (remove spaces, obv) and let me know how much you’d like to crit and what genres.  I’ll be in touch.


  • At any point from March 31-June 30, every $1 you donate equals a 250 word crit from me.
  • When you donate at the mycharitywater URL, IN THE COMMENTS SECTION please leave a way to contact you if you want a Kat-Crit (twitter or a blog URL or an email). M’k? M’k.
  • If you are the winner of an auction or drawing, I will not crit your work. (C’mon, you’re getting a SUPER AWESOME crit. Though if you want mine, too, you could always donate again. 😉 ).
  • I will attempt to get all crits back within a week because I’m crazy.

Though it is Kat-Crits, not Cat-Crits, I still may make that face. Apologies ahead of time.


  • Unless specifically noted in the post, auctions will run for 24 hours from 12:00AM EST to 11:59PM EST.
  • Bid using the comments section of the auction’s post.
  • Highest bidder by 11:59PM EST gets the crit.
  • Make sure the email you use when commenting/bidding is an email I can contact you at. As that’s the one I’m gonna use to, yanno, contact you if you win.
  • Once the donation goes through (within three days), I will contact you for your file.
  • DO NOT contact the Special Guest directly.
  • I’m gonna repeat that: I will act as the intermediary between you and the Special Guest.
  • If you do not provide the right genre, I am not responsible if you do not receive the crit. Double check the rules.

I googled "Critter" and this is what came up. 0_0 No wonder I find the word odd.


Entrants in the random drawings must do two things.

  1. Donate a specified amount (generally $10-$30) to the mycharitywater page. In the comment box, please note the Drawing you wish to be entered in.
  2. Comment on the Random Drawing’s post. USE THE SAME NAME as your donation so I can verify it.

Once that is done…

  • Unless otherwise noted, random drawings will last for 48 hours, from 9AM EST.
  • I will go to and choose a winner from the verified donators.
  • Because the name must be the same, you may not be anonymous.
  • Donating more than the specified amount would be FABULOUS. But you won’t receive extra entries for doing so.
  • If you do not provide the right genre, I am not responsible if you do not receive the crit. Double check the rules.
  • I will contact the winner.
  • Anyone who donates but DOESN’T WIN the random drawing is eligible to receive Kat-Crits. So you know. (Have I mentioned lately that I’m crazy?)

And then I typed in "random" and Chuck Norris came up. Who am I to question the google gods? And ZOMG look at that mullet ❤


  • These function much like the random drawings.
  • But there’s no minimum donation.
  • Essentially, donate what you can, but if you donate more than once, each $10 donated is an additional entry.
  • The giveaway item(s) will be worth between $50 and $100, not including shipping.
  • Some items will only be available to US/Canada customers.
  • The giveaways will be open until the prize’s worth is reached plus one week OR the end of the campaign, whichever comes first.
    • Example: There is a Super Sekrit Giveaway starting on April 2nd. Say the $50 in donations is reached on April 4th. You can continue to donate for the giveaway until April 11th. Then I will choose a winner using from the verified donators.
    • Example: There is a Super Sekrit Giveaway on June 26th. If the $50 is not reached by June 30th, I will stop comments and choose a winner from the verified donators anyway.
  • I will require an address to send you your prize.
  • If the prizes are books, I will note the genre (romance, YA, non-fiction) in the Giveaway post.
  • All donators will be eligible for Kat-Crits.

Holy guacamole, I feel like that’s a ton of information. Honestly, I think it’s all pretty intuitive. I apologize if I’ve only served to confuse you even more! In any case, if there are any remaining questions, throw ’em my way, either in the comments here or you can send me an email: katharine_brauer @