The Cutest Damn Onigiri Evah

For the last year or so, I’ve been wanting to make some of Bakerella’s cake pops. But I had no idea where to get the ingredients in Japan. Luckily, I have a mommy who indulges my baking addiction.

Much more difficult to sprinkle these things with sugar than you'd imagine.

Keep in mind that these ingredients flew out of America right before the earthquake. They went through Tohoku to get to me. LIFE, IT STILL HAPPENS IN DISASTERS.

Moving on. I didn’t start with the above, simpler pops. Since my mom gave me the Cake Pops book for Christmas, I’ve had one thing on the mind. And that is rice ball cake pops.  Onigiri, or rice balls, generally look like this:

Don't ask me why we call triangular shaped things "balls". English makes no sense sometimes.

And this is what I made:


For those unfamiliar with the onigiri-shaping process, the hardest part would probably be making the triangles. You cup your hands and…well, it’s hard to explain. I recommend YouTube videos. (Hey, now I know how to stuff onigiri. HUZZAH!) Of course, these are much smaller than regular onigiri, which meant I was essentially shaping between the pad of my thumb and my index- and middle fingers. But YAY OF YAYS it worked.

Here. Have more pictures because I am proud of myself:

My triangles got pretty rocking after awhile. And yes, I used chocolate cake. Next time I'll use vanilla.

Dipping was difficult because they're really heavy. May have to make them smaller the next time. Or push the sticks in further? 0_0 I don't know.

Rather than seaweed (which would be gross), I used about 6 or 7 centimeter sections of fruit roll-ups.

Size comparison. The faces were drawn using edible ink pens also sent from my mom. I LOVE MY MOM LOTS.

So guys: have you ever made cake pops? If so, what kinds? And if not, would you be crazy like me and start with more difficult shapes or go easy? Also: ARE THESE NOT THE CUTEST THINGS OR WHAT?!

Inspiration for the faces here.