Dance Party!

Only a couple of days remain before Crits for Water starts…and I have no idea what to blog about. YEAH. (Or I DO, but I’m too busy cackling madly and keeping it a secret. HMMMMMM.) So I thought we would play a game! And that game is:


I shall post a music video to dance to! (This is DANCE. Not WRITE. Not mope and sing along. Not sleep to. DANCE.) You must listen to this song and dance to it. Then comment with one of your favorite music dancing videos. I shall listen and dance to it. And we shall have a dance party ACROSS THE WORLD! Wahoo! Any commenters after can choose to dance to only one song or all of the commented songs. And feel free to keep the dance party going by posting a dance party on your blog. Because dancing crazy around your house is super, super fun.

Oh, all right. I’ll give you another one.

Oh, fine. You’ve convinced me. One more.

HADIPPA. (PS: OMG his shirt. Amaaaaaazing. 🙂 ) Dance, fools!