Super Sekrit Giveaway #1

It’s like Pandora’s box! But without the world sucking business. Okay, maybe it’s the opposite of Pandora’s box.

This giveaway is closed. Congrats to the winner, Elizabeth Church!


  1. For Super Sekrit Giveaways, donate anything you can to the mycharitywater campaign.
  2. In the comments section of the mycharitywater campaign page (you’ll see it when you donate), please write “Super Sekrit Giveaway #1.”
  3. If you would also like a Kat-Crit, make sure to include an email or some way to contact you (twitter? a blog?) in the comment, too.
  4. After the initial entry of WHATEVER you can afford, each $10 is an additional entry in the giveaway. (Ex: $20 = two entries. $1 = one entry. $7 = one entry. $17 = one entry. $33 = three entries. OKAY?!)
  5. Once the giveaway donations reach $50, I will put up the deadline for the end of the giveaway.
  6. When the deadline is reached, I’ll choose a random winner! YAY.

This Super Sekrit Giveaway will be worth $50 or a little more. That does not include shipping. It IS NOT books. It is open internationally. Here are some super fun hints in picture form:

Hint #1
Hint #2
Hint #3. HAHAHAHA I promise it’s not toilet decorations, though. IF ONLY, right?

Feel free to guess what the prizes are. If you get it EXACTLY CORRECT, then I’ll confirm it. 😉 Go ahead guys!