Upcoming Crits for Water Goodness: 4/03 to 4/09

Get ready to rumble guys, the first Special Guest Crits are going live this week. There are THREE excellent opportunities for fresh eyes a-coming your way, and not just fresh eyes, but a potential for that hazy concept known as “networking.”

But more importantly, you’re giving people access to healthy, sanitary water. You are SAVING LIVES.

Authors: giving boys like this clean water since 2011.

Monday, April 4: YA author Vahini Naidoo‘s random drawing for a 2500 word critique opens. It will run from April 6 at 9am, EST, to April 8 at 9am, EST.

Wednesday, April 6: YA/MG author Janice Hardy‘s auction for a 2500 word critique opens. It will run from April 6 at 12:00am, EST, to April 6 at 11:59pm, EST.

Friday, April 8: YA author and lit agent intern Jessica Lei‘s random drawing for a critique of your first chapter. It will run from April 8 at 9am, EST, to April 10 at 9am, EST.

If you have any questions, pop ’em in the comments section, email me (katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com), or send me a tweet (@katbrauer).

I feel like Crits for Water should have a theme song. That way I can listen to it when I’m preparing blog posts and get SUPER PUMPED AND HAPPY. Ideas?