Upcoming Crits for Water Goodness: 4/10 to 4/16

We’re off to a rocking start on Crits for Water with over $500 raised in the first week. THANK YOU everyone. I am blown away by your generosity. If we keep this up, we’ll hit the $5000 goal easy-peasy.

As you participate and blog about the fundraiser, please make sure to read the instructions. Perhaps point people to the sticky post, where all the information is in one place? And let me know AT ANY TIME if you have questions. I will answer them as promptly as I can considering the time difference. Remember that specific information and instructions regarding the drawings/auctions will go up in blog posts here, at That Flighty Temptress.

ANYWAY. Crits for Water Special Guests/Events. THIS WEEK:

This will happen BECAUSE OF US.

4/11: A 5000 word crit by The Rejectionist, eviscerator of evil prose, awkward fashion trends, and social discrimination, will be auctioned off starting on April 11 at 12:00am until April 11 at 11:59pm, all EST.

4/12: Two query critiques by Marisa Corvisiero, agent at L Perkins Agency, will be (1) auctioned and (1) drawn randomly. Pay attention to the blog for time and genres!

4/13: A short synopsis critique by Marisa Corvisiero, agent at L Perkins Agency, will be auctioned off starting at 12:00am on April 13 until 11:59pm on April 13th. All EST.

4/15: A first chapter critique by Agent Elana Roth’s intern, Jessica Lei, will be drawn randomly. Entries will be accepted from April 15, 9am, to April 17, 9am. All EST. 😀

4/15: No more entries to the Super Sekrit Giveaway #1! Get ’em in while you can folks. It’s got a Japan theme this week, and donations for Super Sekrit Giveaways are also eligible for Kat-Crits :D.

This is a week MADE OF AWESOME. And I’m so excited to see you guys go!  As always, questions in the comments, to me at twitter (@katbrauer), or email (katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com).