Special Guest Crit: The Rejectionist

The Rejectionist‘s, former editorial assistant at a Fancy Schmancy New York Agency, now hard-at-work aspiring novelist, crit auction IS NOW CLOSED. DONT BID.

Behind this scary face is a snuggly fuzzy wuzzy. Maybe.

About Le R: The Rejectionist has been taking care of business/dropping Mordor on your party since 2009. She is well known for her use of the royal “we” whilst also assisting her amazing former boss, “Steve.” Now she whiles away the hours on her Work of Genius when not distracted by her Support Team, Lola Pants, or myriad of author-fiance(es).

But in all seriousness, she is awesome, her comments are genius and to the point, and though she may act rough-and-tough on her blog, all long-time readers know she is actually a big darn softy at heart.


  1. Comment on THIS BLOG POST with your bid. Bidding starts at US$1.
  2. You may, of course, bid more than once.
  3. Once the auction closes, if you are the highest bidder, I will contact you.
  4. The winning bidder should donate to the mycharitywater campaign page by April 14, please.
  5. If the bid is not donated by then, I’ll contact the second highest bidder to donate, and so-on.
  6. Once the donation is made, I’ll contact you for the file.
  7. Please DO NOT donate for this crit unless I tell you to donate! M’k?

As always, if there are any questions, stick ’em in the comments or contact me at twitter (@katbrauer) or by email, katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com.