Special Guest Crit: Marisa Corvisiero #2

Marisa Corvisiero‘s, agent at L Perkin’s Agency, offer to critique your QUERY via RANDOM DRAWING is NOW CLOSED. Please DO NOT donate for this crit. Sorry, but all good things must come to an end 😉

And how about that necklace? Coordinating POWER, I tell you.

About Marisa: Marisa A. Corvisiero (aka Iozzi Corvisiero), is an attorney and literary agent practicing in New York City and representing authors, illustrators, and cartoonists around the globe.

Random facts:

If Marisa absolutely had to change places with a celebrity, she would switch with Jennifer Lopez. (ooh!)

If she could have any super power, it would be time travel.


  1. Go to the mycharitywater Crits for Water campaign page.
  2. Donate $5. (Donate more if you like, but it won’t get you any more entries. It will, however, improve your awesome by 1000-fold.)
  3. In the comments section when you donate, write two things: a) “Marisa Corvisiero Query”, and b) Some way to contact you (email! twitter! a blog! Maybe not your phone number or address, tho XD),
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  5. Wait.
  6. I will announce/contact the winner on April 14th.
  7. If you don’t win and you want a Kat-Crit anyway, pop me an email at katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com. (Er, remove the spaces, yeah?)
  8. You may, OF COURSE, bid on Marisa’s query auction or upcoming synopsis auction, but winning either of those will make you ineligible to win this drawing.

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