Special Guest Crit: Marisa Corvisiero #3

Marisa Corvisiero‘s, agent at L Perkin’s Agency, offer to critique your SHORT SYNOPSIS via AUCTION is NOW CLOSED.

All right, she's just a fashionable lady. JEALOUS.

About Marisa: Marisa A. Corvisiero (aka Iozzi Corvisiero), is an attorney and literary agent practicing in New York City and representing authors, illustrators, and cartoonists around the globe.

Random facts:

If Marisa absolutely had to change places with a celebrity, she would switch with Jennifer Lopez. (ooh!)

If she could have any super power, it would be time travel.


  1. Comment on THIS BLOG POST with your bid. Bidding starts at US$1.
  2. You may, of course, bid more than once.
  3. Once the auction closes, if you are the highest bidder, I will contact you to donate.
  4. Please DO NOT donate unless I email you! SERIOUSLY.
  5. Donate your winning bid to the mycharitywater campaign page by April 16.
  6. If the bid is not donated by then, I’ll contact the second highest bidder to donate, and so-on.
  7. Once the donation is made, I’ll contact you for the file.
  8. You may also enter for Marisa’s random drawing, but winning one critique makes you ineligible for another from her. 🙂

Questions? Stick ’em in the comments, contact me on twitter, or send me an e-mail (katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com).