General Life and Crits for Water Things

If you don’t care about my life, scroll about halfway down the post for IMPORTANT CRITS FOR WATER GOODNESS.

With all the Crits for Water Awesome, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Photo day. So here, have this picture of an inchworm? or some type of creepy-crawly? (Anyone know what this thing is?)

You can thank Tank for her fabulous finger modeling.

Took that this last weekend, before I got a brutal cold. All of us foreign English teachers on the island went on a grand adventure to places we’ve never been before. I was wearing high heels. (Bad idea.) But I discovered a lovely new lighthouse which I shall frequent on stormy days for fun pictures. Possibly also star trails if I get back into those. And a new place to swim that was even more pristine than my normal beaches. (Mind-boggling!) I love my island, I do!

Also teaching actual classes again, which is super crazy. My students are great, and they’re taking my rewards/privilege based discipline system pretty seriously…for the most part. I can tell some of the boys just won’t do what I say no matter what, but as long as they don’t bother the other students, I suppose I’ll live.

On the baking front, because all the island ALTs have birthdays in two weeks, I’ve been doing a CRAPLOAD of baking these last few weeks. The pumpkin pie was a resounding success. Got one more birthday to bake for (tomorrow! Friday!), and then I’m in the clear until May. Phew!

And finally, some CRITS FOR WATER.

First, HOLY SMOKES GUYS we’ve already raised over $1000, and the third week has only just started. !!!! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!! This is so fabulous, and I’m so touched and amazed by everyone’s generosity. I know it’s been a little bumpy–we’re all learning as we go–but I appreciate your forbearance and continued giving, spreading the word, and/or support.

Second: though I’ll start posting this on all Special Guest Crits, I’ve noticed a lot of “double donations.” I heard from one of the Special Guest Crit winners that, after you donate, charity: water will ask you to become a member. This DOES NOT mean your donation didn’t go through. In fact, it probably did. Please check your email/bank statement before you donate again! (Unless, of course, you want to donate again. Which is awesome!) I apologize for any confusion. And you’re welcome to claim Kat-Crits with the extra donations!

Third: The Winner of Marisa Corvisiero’s Query Drawing is….

Melinda Cordell!!!

Thank you so much for everyone’s super spectacular donations! George, Richard, Robert, Jessica, Mitch, and Amy–if you want a Kat-Crit (where $1 = 250 words) for the total you donated to the query drawing , please contact me at katharine_brauer @ Remove the spaces around the @ sign. Also, Jennifer, you donated for Crits that aren’t open yet! You can get a Kat-Crit, too, then, if you like!

I may not be an agent, but I’ll help in any way I can. If you have any problems or questions about how this is all working, please please email me! I’ll do my best to work everything out.

And finally, if you have any advice or ideas on how to improve Crits for Water, it would be greatly appreciated! You can comment, email, or send me a tweet.

Thank you everyone so VERY VERY MUCH! You are amazing!