Super Sekrit Giveaway #1 REVEAL

So the giveaway ended on Friday. But I’ve had a busy weekend, so I did the drawing today. Thus, congratulations to….


You have won the fabulous first giveaway! Wonder what you’re getting? Well, read on. Read on.

(Please start imagining this in a Bob Barker voice.)(Also Price is Right theme music in the background would be super.)

First, our lucky winner of the SSG1 will receive free leaf* green tea, mixed specially by Kat at one of the local tea shops on her adorable island. *Or possibly matcha. I haven’t decided. Do you have a preference?

Not the actual tea.

Second, in order to best enjoy your green tea, you will receive a beautiful Japanese pottery teacup and saucer!

Something like this.

Third, you will get an authentic piece of Japanese shodo made by my friend Ozeki. Ms. Ozeki has been studying Japanese calligraphy for the last 12 years, and she has graciously agreed to create a CUSTOM PIECE for the SSG1 winner. Seriously, her shodo is fabulous. You get to choose either a word, short phrase, or even haiku (up to you!). We will translate it into Japanese, and Ms. Ozeki will draw it for you! (This will not be a huge wall-size piece, but large enough to display prominently if you get it framed. Perhaps in your writerly space!)

A longer phrase or haiku will look sort-of like this.

Aaaand finally, just because things aren’t Japanese enough without her, you will receive an adorable keychain/cellphone dangly of Hello! Kitty dressed as a sea urchin. A little souvenir from my island :D.

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN, and thanks everybody for their donations! The next Super Sekrit Giveaway opens on April 30!