Some Awesome Things

In list format, because you know how I feel about lists. (Hint: It’s love.)

You wouldn't think this dude is sexy, but just wait until he takes off his shirt and starts yelling at his roommates. AMAZING. (From TiMER.)

  1. I have a website.  It’s not perfect yet, so if the design changes in the next week, please don’t be surprised.  However, please DO let me know what you think, and whether you have any suggestions for improvement.
  2. I recently read a book about a protagonist who also very much likes lists. (In fact, she writes TWO outlines throughout the course of the book.  AND a graph.  AND a word-map.)  Great, nuanced voice that’s very much teenager-ish with spectacular conflict that I thought was true to life.  The book? Sean Griswold’s Head.  And it’s actually much more serious than you’d think, even while reading it.
  3. Also the movie TiMER, if predictable, was still adorable and touching and fluffy and made me think about life and love and jazz like that. Sappy romantic, with a nice hawt sex scene (it fades to black, worry not), and a male character who actually looks his age (22).  Also a bit of a scifi, which is nice.  I like a bit of scifi element.
  4. We’ve raised over $1500 for charity: water.
  5. This new charity: water video
  6. The preview for next week’s glee episode. (MORE GAGA, YEAH.)
  7. My friends on Iki are pretty rocking.
  8. This year I decided to take control of my lessons and curriculum. More work for me, but also I get to play around and experiment and feel more like, yanno, a teacher.  So far so good–for the most part.  Students seem to be enjoying it.

Not so awesome? Nothing against three- to five-year-olds, but it’s really hard to teach 20 of them a new language when you’re not someone they’ve known for over two months.  And I get to do this three times tomorrow.


Any awesome or not-so-awesome things you’ve discovered recently?