Special Guest Crit: Editorial Anonymous #2

Long time blogger (seriously, FOUR years!) and fabulous resource for the writing community, Editorial Anonymous is offering to critique 1250 words of your picture book or chapter book via RANDOM DRAWING.

Entries are no longer being accepted! Please do not donate for this drawing 🙂

But DO check out what’s coming next.

Slush Monster courtesy of Melinda Beavers http://www.melindabeavers.com

About EA: When EA is not chomping through the slush pile and answering writerly questions at her blog of epic awesome, we readers assume she lives the highlife as a stiletto’d fashionista, prowling through Manhattan with her ferret on a leash and a very trendy book under one arm.  Also, she clearly must have a horde of aspiring Anonymati following her every clacking footstep offering lattes and pre-peeled grapes.

Oh wait.  She’s a children’s book editor.  Well, at least the book part is probably right.

For a particular look into the mind of EA…

“If I had a talking animal, it would be a Sasquatch.”

For serious! Who wouldn’t want a talking sasquatch?  Think of how easy it would be to move through traffic.


  1. Go to the mycharitywater Crits for Water campaign page.
  2. Donate $10. WHEN YOU DONATE, in the comments section, write two things:
    • Editorial Anonymous Drawing
    • A way to contact you–email, blog, twitter, whatevs
  3. Donate more if you like, but it won’t get you any more entries. It may, however, save the Universe from random implosion. You never know.
  4. If you won EA’s auction, you WILL NOT be eligible to win this random drawing!
    If you have not donated via mycharitywater before, they will ask you to become a member. This DOES NOT mean that your donation didn’t go through. If in doubt, check your email/bank account FIRST before attempting to donate again.
  6. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your email on the mycharitywater page, comment on THIS blog post once you donate. Your email won’t show up to anyone but me.
  7. Wait for the entry period to end. I will go to random.org, choose the winner, and announce the name on the blog AND email him/her.
  8. If you don’t win and you want a Kat-Crit anyway, pop me an email at katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com. (Er, remove the spaces, yeah?)

Questions? Comment, contact me on twitter, or send me an e-mail (katharine_brauer @ yahoo.com).