Special Guest Crit: Chris Richman

The super awesome/amazing/adventurous (I dunno–other adjectives that start with “a” for alliteration purposes?) agent Chris Richman of Upstart Crow Literary offered to critique 1250 words via RANDOM DRAWING.

This drawing is now closed! Please do not donate for it 🙂

For black licorice haters everywhere.

About Chris: Chris Richman received his undergraduate degree in professional writing from Elizabethtown College, and an MA in Writing from Rowan University. A former playwright, contributor to The Onion, and sketch comedy writer, Chris broke into agenting in 2008 and has quickly made a name for himself by selling several noteworthy projects. Chris is actively building his list, enjoys working with debut writers, and is primarily interested in middle grade and young adult fiction, with a special interest in books for boys, books with unforgettable characters, and fantasy that doesn’t take itself too seriously

Chris had this to say…

“If I could hold the Guinness World Record for something silly, it would be for the least amount of black licorice consumed in a lifetime. Hate the stuff.”

I’m with him there. Now red licorice on the other hand. Mmmm. Miss it. Something you can’t get in Japan 😉

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