Friday the 13th

Before I get too into the main thrust of this blog post, some things that have made me happy recently:

  1. This week’s Friday Funny at Pub Rants
  2. Dancing with your hands
  3. And also the original video for “We No Speak Americano”
  4. This song. The bass beat originally really annoyed me the first time I heard it after buying the album, but now it’s one of my favorite songs on Recovery.
  5. Some kebabs 🙂

All right, now that’s out of the way…

Perhaps you may have noticed that next Friday is Friday the 13th. And us westerners have fun feelings associated with this day.  Feelings that often go something like this:

(What, you’ve never had a freaky Friday experience? Huh. Also, whoooooo to Chad Michael Murray with long hair. Mmmm.  Anyway, back to the original point.)

Well, this whole Crits for Water has been going super awesome-tastically. I am so touched and honored by everyone’s help, tweeting, posting, and–of course–donating. But, much like Mary over at Not an Editor, I think that critiquing helps us improve the most. I mean, my use of Japanese, Chinese, and English improved by leaps and bounds when I actually had to start teaching English.

So! This coming Friday the 13th, rather than donating for ME to critique YOUR work, I will post the first 500 words from one of my fanfic or older original works.  (Which one would y’all prefer?)  Your job will be to critique that excerpt.  And trust me, there will be plenty of mistakes.  PLUS, if you so choose, you can participate in it as a Blog Fest.  Post 500 words from one of your old, never-leaving-the-drawer fanfic or MS, post a link in the comments on Friday the 13th, and we’ll all laugh and learn together.

All participants–critiquing my work and/or offering up their own–will be entered into a drawing to win a 5000 word critique from me (no donation required 😉 ) AND a custom photograph of Japan.  I’ll give you the file and send you an 8×12 print of it.

Come join in right here.

Sound good? Any questions? Or even suggestions? I’ll be sure to re-post the explanation next Friday, no worries. And try not to cringe as I copy my (unedited GAAAAH) work from 10-ish years ago. Awweeeeesome.