This Week in Crits for Water: 5/08 to 5/14

Another exciting (and later silly) week to come, guys! Longer excerpts being accepted this week, which means an even more thorough look at your work. Yay 🙂 Let’s get ready to rumble save lives!

05/09: Vahini Naidoo‘s last critique, this time by auction, for the first 10,000 words of your YA or adult MS.

05/11: A 30 page critique of any fiction MS by the super rocktastic Ashley March, author of Seducing the Duchess.

5/13: Freaky Friday Blogfest. Critique my heartfelt work from many a moon ago and/or offer up your own older work for a chance at a 5000 word critique from me plus a custom photo of Japan, no donation required–unless you want a bonus to your awesome score. More info here.

And remember that you can donate for a Kat-Crit (crit by me, where $1 = 250 words) at any time.