Freaky Friday Blogfest: The Trouble with Muggles

Let this Friday the Thirteenth begin!

Blogfest now over! Sorry. But here’s the idea, in case you’re curious.

SO: here is my excerpt… (oh gaaaawd embarrassing).

I wrote this Harry Potter fanfic, The Trouble with Muggles, starting in, oh, 2002. The main character, Alissyn Dumbledore, is a witch who can neither use nor be affected by magic. She’s in her first year at Hogwarts, and all sorts of madness is amok, centering around a muggle’s attempt to pin down what gives someone magical powers.

Have fun!

Yes, I drew this way back when. Yes, they

“Do you guy’s see that?” Ali asked, pointing towards the black dot that seemed to be nearing the group.

The other three pried their eyes away from the shuddering wind storm and pulled at their hair so that it wouldn’t get in their way as they looked. They too squinted their eyes and watched the approaching blob.

“What is that?” Will wondered, shading his eyes from the still shining sun, and looking over all their heads.

“I dunno,” Eloise mumbled, shooting to her tip toes to attempt to see it better.

The four got their first shock as the thing shot through the tornado, not even getting caught in the fierce winds.

“What the…”

“That can’t be a good sign.”

The second shock came as, after the blob ran through the tornado, the tornado started following it to Eloise, Will, Elizabeth, and Alissyn.


“Uhm, I’m thinking maybe we should go back.”

“Yea, that seems like a pretty good idea.”

But they stayed frozen where they were. The last shock came when the beast, as they could call it nothing else, reached about 30 meters away.

It was beyond frightening. As tall as a giant, it had yellow, poisonous eyes and a black, spikey backside. Its teeth and claws shined, as if they were made of gold, and its front gleamed sparkly silver. Its strides had to be about two meters each which meant that…

“Run!” Will squeaked, and the four turned quickly and high-tailed it back to the castle, screaming loudly.

The growls of the beast reached them now, and the four attempted to push themselves even further. The roar of the tornado wasn’t far behind either, and Alissyn managed to catch it gobbling up some trees and one of the goal posts.

“We’ll… never… get… away!” Elizabeth squealed her heart beating wildly.

“Just keep… running!” Alissyn panted, pushing herself.

“Ali… if we get out of this… alive,” Will gulped, breathing hard, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Then, suddenly, came the face of salvation in the form of a tall, gangly, and red haired Professor of the dark arts. He was running wildly towards them, waving his arms towards their left.


“What?!” the four screamed in unison.

“Go towards the Whomping Willow!” he yelled back, closer.

They looked at each other, wide eyed. “Is… he crazy?” wheezed Eloise.

“Just listen to the man!” screamed Will, as he turned left and made his way to the violent tree.

The beast, obviously not expecting this sudden direction change, stopped behind them for a moment and puzzled. The tornado stopped as well. A few feet away from the tree, Alissyn stopped and bent over to catch her breath. Soon, the other three stood next to her, and Professor Weasley walked up to the tree. They all watched wide eyed as he pressed upon a small knot near the roots and the tree stopped its whomping. He waved towards them and ran into the hole that appeared. Alissyn looked at each other, and quickly followed.

The hole closed behind them.

The blogfest is now over, and I had a great time, at least. Here were the participants!