This Week in Crits for Water: 5/15 to 5/21

We are so close to the halfway point that I can taste the clean fresh water! And there’s a fabulous week ahead of us with two agents and a super fab author critique! Get ready to rumble.

Rumble, I say. 😀

5/17: Sara Kendall, Junior Associate at Nancy Coffey Literary, will auction off a 30 page critique.

5/17: She is also offering a 1250 word critique by random drawing.

5/18: Roni Loren, soon-to-be-published erotic romance author, is offering a 2500 word critique via auction and a query critique via random drawing.

5/19: Auction starts for a 30-page critique by Joanna Volpe, agent at Nancy Coffey Literary.

5/19: Also a random drawing for a 1250 word critique by Joanna Volpe.

Doods, can you feel the awesome? ‘Cause I know I do!