Special Guest Crit: Sara Kendall Drawing

Sara Kendall, junior associate agent at Nancy Coffey Literary, offered a 1250 word critique of your manuscript via Random Drawing for Crits for Water. The MS can be in the following genres: YA, MG, adult fantasy, or romance.

This drawing is now closed! Please DO NOT donate for it 🙂

Cackling over her genius. See? I wasn't lying =P

About Sara: Literary assistant and junior associate at Nancy Coffey Lit. Loves dresses with belts, huge dogs, cupcakes, and books. Also makes fabulous pies (whilst cackling) and is deathly afraid of hamsters along with Kat and Suzie Townsend. (Feel free to join the We Hate Hamsters Club, PS.)

To get a closer look into Sara’s mind, I asked, “What instrument would you want to play perfectly, if any?”

I was *going* to say if I could play any instrument perfectly it’d be the piano. But then Joanna said she’d pick the ocarina, a la Zelda and the Ocarina of Time, and now I’m stealing that answer instead. Basically, we’re both huge geeks.

Awesome choice.

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