Super Sekrit Giveaway #2

So. This is a giveaway. Of books. Lots of books. What kind of books?

My favorite books. Books that I still remember and think about everyday. Books I can quote. Books I would recommend in a heartbeat. Books I’d gift to friends and force significant others to read. (If I had a significant other. And one would hope that if I DID, said significant other would already have read these books because THEY REPRESENT WHO I AM.) They’re ones that may have changed my life, changed the way I view the world.

And, generally speaking, they didn’t come out before the year 2000, so. Uhm. Not Hunger Games or anything.

Uh. Anyway.  The prize will be worth $50-ish dollars, not including shipping. It is open to any country with an amazon retailer that accepts visa. XD

How to participate! Instructions!

  1. For Super Sekrit Giveaways, donate anything you can to the mycharitywater campaign.
  2. CAREFUL! When you donate, charity: water may ask you to become a member. That does NOT mean the donation didn’t go through. If in doubt, check your email/bank account first! CAREFUL!
  3. In the comments section of the mycharitywater campaign page (you’ll see it when you donate), please write “Super Sekrit Giveaway #2.”
  4. If you would also like a Kat-Crit, make sure to include an email or some way to contact you (twitter? a blog?) in the comment, too.
  5. After the initial entry of WHATEVER you can afford, each $10 is an additional entry in the giveaway. (Ex: $20 = two entries. $1 = one entry. $7 = one entry. $17 = one entry. $33 = three entries. OKAY?!)
  6. Once the giveaway donations reach $50, I will put up the deadline for the end of the giveaway.
  7. When the deadline is reached, I’ll choose a random winner! YAY.

It’s possible you may already have or have read these books. But you can still donate! You could give the books as gifts! Or offer them to a library! Or reread them! Who knows.

Oh, and it won’t include Harry Potter. Yes, they are some of my favorite books of all time. Yes, I can quote from them. But everyone and their mother has read Harry Potter. And if you haven’t, then WHAT THE DEVIL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

But, okay, here: have some hints about a few of my favorite books EVAH:

Not a book made of candy. Sadly.

This lady is so classy. I want to be her.

Not a paranormal.

Pahahahah puns are funny.

And that’s just a smattering!  Feel free to guess in the comments. If you’re right, I may just tell you so.

…and maybe not 😉