This Week in Crits for Water: 5/29 to 6/04

Doods, we’re over $4500 with four more weeks to go. This is amazing. Excellent. I don’t have words to describe how totally rocktastic it is. So let’s keep the momentum going and reach the goal. YEAH.

All Week: The Super Sekrit Giveaway #2 continues! Donations for the Super Sekrit giveaways can still receive Kat-Crits. 😀

05/30: Susan Dennard‘s random drawing for a 50 page critique.

05/31: Editor Meghan Conrad‘s random drawing for a 5000 word critique.

06/02: An auction for a two chapter plus query critique by Super Agent Jim McCarthy.

And remember that you can donate for a Kat-Crit (crit by me, where $1 = 250 words) at any time.