Special Guest Crit: Meghan Conrad

Super Editor Meghan Conrad is offering a 5000 word critique of erotica, romance, scifi, fantasy, or historical via RANDOM DRAWING for Crits for Water.

THIS DRAWING IS CLOSED. Please don’t enter for it!

I typed in 'sexy food' because it seemed appropriate for Meghan, and this is what came up. That IS rather sexy.

About Meghan: Meghan is an Editor at Ellora’s Cave. She lives with her husband, daughter, eight cats, three dogs, and a few fish in a hundred-year-old house just outside of Akron, Ohio. She grows vegetables, knits socks, reads a lot, and doesn’t update GoodReads or Facebook or anything else nearly as often as she’d hope.

She also writes fabulous posts about the impact of Disney characters, how to make cheese from friggin’ scratch (and yoghurt), and sometimes posts gorgeous photos of star anise. Oooh.

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