Special Guest Crit: Brigid Kemmerer

And now the rockingness that is Brigid Kemmerer offered a 5000 word critique via RANDOM DRAWING. This can be for any YA (all subgenres but sci-fi or historical).

This drawing is closed. Please don’t enter for it!

If I could control the element, my element would NOT be heart. 😉

About Brigid: Brigid’s debut novel, ELEMENTAL, will be published in June 2012 by K Teen (Kensington), and is about four brothers who control the elements. She is represented by Tamar Rydzinski of the Laura Dail Literary Agency. Also, she does have a real job that pays the mortgage, but that’s not half so exciting. Learn more by checking out her fabulous website and blog.

More about Brigid’s critique style and her general awesomeness after the jump.

Describe your critting style.
I’m pretty in-depth. I do a line-by-line. I’m honest, but not brutal. I look at things from not just readability, but also marketability. I’ve been told I’m a good crit partner, but I think I’m just thorough. 🙂

How has critting helped you grow as an author?
I learn so much from critiquing other people’s work — especially for getting an eye for revisions. I think everyone should critique for others at some point. Even beginners. Learn what works, and what doesn’t.

What’s the best thing you learned from a critter or critting?
Not to beat a dead horse. If a writer is making the same mistake over and over again, I have to remind myself that it’s not going to magically fix itself on page 15 if I haven’t even sent it back to the writer yet. Also, to be quick. I know how difficult it is to have your work out there.

And the worst advice you’ve ever received?
I don’t think any advice is bad. People are usually genuinely trying to help. The trick is to figure out what really applies, and what you can ignore.

When do you get crits–following each chapter or at the end of the book?
I work much better in a piece-meal fashion. I am terrible at doing full-novel crits unless something is really polished.

Have a funny slogan for your crit in the Crits for Water Campaign?
Not really, but I’m still laughing at “Embrace the Suck,” the slogan from Beastly.

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