This week in Crits for Water: 6/27 to 6/30

This is the last week in Crits for Water.


That’s kinda crazy to think about.

First: a public service announcement:

If you have not received an email from me about how to send me your Kat-Crit (you must have already donated!) then it’s because I don’t have your e-mail. Please either comment on this thread or pop a line to kat @ . 😀

This is one of my favorite photos of all time.

This week’s special guest crit is on

June 28: An auction for a 5000 word critique by the twitter phenom Ranty Editor.

Another hint of what you could win.

Don’t forget that every donation–even $1–will enter you for the last Super Sekrit Giveaway. You know you want the prize. It’ll make you go 0_0 and then ^_^ and finally !!!:3!!!

Questions? Stick ’em in the comments. Otherwise, check out the donation page and save a life–each $20 provides one person in a developing country with clean, sustainable water.