Japan-ified ID4

Before I start the Crits for Water recap, I thought I’d take a little break. Because today is the USA’s 235th birthday! (Even in Japan!) And I’m kinda patriotic. 😉

So, turns out July 1st is also Canada Day. Thus, on July 2nd, me and the other foreign teachers on the island celebrated Canada/ID4 day. We went to our favorite local beach for a barbecue and fun times. There was not so much rejoicing as there was indulgence in western food that we don’t get to eat very often. For example: hamburgers, brats, macaroni and cheese, vegetable skewers, pecan pie, peach pie, sweet potato pie, Canada maple cookies, and Rice Krispy treats.

Closest to furthest: pecan pie, peach pie, sweet potato pie.

And we also played around with fireworks.

Of course.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a photo technique tutorial. Taking pictures of fireworks is pretty easy if you have a camera with a shutter speed option. Essentially–switch your shutter to the “bulb” option. Then, when the firework begins, press the shutter. Release when the fireworks finish. Play around with ISO (I like ISO400 for this) and aperture (maybe F/7) to get the correct exposure.

Using the camera’s settings, you can get fun lighting effects like this:

TANK makes some spirals.

You can use longer exposures (over 1/15 of a second) to emphasize lighting like fireworks or–in this case–sparklers for your photos. Generally speaking, a tripod or some sort of sturdy surface is necessary to take pictures like this. I would also suggest writing in cursive, as both all caps and normal handwriting might look a little odd. And don’t forget to write for the camera–your right to left, rather than your left to right.

J-Fresh and I play around with longer exposures.

TANK attempts to spell her name: AVA. Shutter speed: 3 sec. Aperture: F/14. ISO: 100. Also luck.

Happy ID4 guys! Hope it was rocktastic as mine. And if you’re not an USAian, then have a wonderful Monday. I guess.