Things I Have Learned Today

In list form.

  1. I am a closet vampire.
  2. The things that make ME feel squishy and uncomfortable would probably make my fictional characters feel squishy and uncomfortable, which is a SUPER WIN for tension-building purposes.
  3. I miss baking.
  4. So I think I’m going to make brownies in the next couple of days in addition to the Oatmeal Cinnamon Pecan Raisin cookies I made today.
  5. They were delicious.
  6. Yes, that’s in the past tense because J-Fresh and I ate all of them.
  7. I’m that annoying person during TV shows/movies who always asks what’s going on, and makes comments about plausibility even if it’s about werewolves.
  8. My island gets really, REALLY hot.
  9. I continue to be one of the silliest people of all time. Or at least on my island.
  10. I have over two pounds of cheese in my fridge.
  11. I’m more scared than excited, because WHAT IF THE CHEESE GOES BAD BEFORE I CAN EAT ALL OF IT?!?!
  12. Also:

YES PLEASE. (No, I can't read Korean. Anyone know what that says?)

Your turn! What did you learn today, darlings?