Excuses, Excuses

I was going to start riding my bike to school, and then I fell down and got crazy scratched up. Someone make sure I start riding my bike once I buy a helmet on Thursday.


Makes me itchy just looking at them. BLECH.

I was going to do some critting, and then my kitchen got infested with fruit flies and their disgusting grubs, so I sprayed insecticide everywhere, and then realized I’d have to clean all of that off my dishes. And appliances. And sink. And EVERYTHING.

Lesson learned: take trash out every other day in the summer, full or not.

I was going to write some emails, and then I had to hang my laundry before it started molding.

Hey, that’s pretty legitimate.

I was going to write a cool blog post, and not one that’s me complaining (as much as I loff complaining), and then I got sleepy.

AH LIFE. You silly thing you.

Look at the way you upset the best laid plans of mice and men.

So minions: how has life gotten in your way lately (good or bad)?

Also, odd research note of the day–pH levels for spinal fluid and blood (humans should be 7.35-ish). Hum.