Mizu Nomihodai gets a Well

Sorry, pushing the next Korea Adventure post to tomorrow because OMG SO MUCH AWESOME THE WORDS. THEY DON’T. I CAN’T EVEN.


About two years ago, I joined charity: water’s first mycharitywater September campaign with “Mizu Nomihodai” (All You Can Drink Water). I fundraised across Iki, going from school to friends to social groups like the Rotary, and ended up raising $2500 in mostly cash donations. charity: water promised that in eighteen months, I’d hear where the fundraising dollars went. We’re coming up on that deadline now, and BOOM BABY, this arrives in my email:

That squee you hear? That's my epic glee coming at you from across the world.

YEAH. YEAH. And you can EVEN SEE PICTURES here. Or check it out on Google Maps! WHAT.

I’m so astonished and grateful to this fantastic charity. Fundraising and donating is such a reward, but this makes me feel connected to the folks in Ethiopia, the folks whose lives are changed. AHHHHH. And now I’m so excited to see what they’ll do with the Crits for Water fundraiser–except we have to wait eighteen more months.

Okay. Enough with the squeeing.

No. I lied. Have a video on my feelings:

Last: how much do I want Will Smith’s pants in that clip? AMAZING.