One of *those* days

Another video heavy one. What can I say? YouTube mirrors my soul. Or something? Also, I find .gifs a little distracting when I see them on other blogs (though often amusing and to the point), so I don’t want to attempt to be cool that way. I would fail so hard.

Let’s be honest, I’m usually pretty geeky and jazz.


For the majority of the day, this was my theme song:

(Can I PS that the censoring in this video is a little…amusing? I mean, really? Sometimes I find the logic and politics behind censorship really giggle-worthy.)

Except for when I was teaching my classes; that went much more like this:

(My first years pretty much are the most amazing awesome effervescent students of all time.)

And then I went to flamenco, and sweat buckets, so this song was running through my head:

And finally I came home, checked my twitter, and realized Romancing the Countess releases today, and my life got way, way better. (And somehow I magically ended up being productive. Huh.) (Oh yeah, it’s past my bedtime. Well. That happens.)

If you loff some historical romance, unlikely pairings, a true, heart-wrenching romance-centric plot, and just all around awesome, it’s highly recommended. This book is amazing. Hands down.* Sebastian is lovely and loving, while Leah is a headstrong yet vulnerable rocktastic heroine. OMG I have to read it again, stat.

So minions: Any sweet turnarounds in your day-to-day life lately? What about some bright shining spot of rocktasticness that made the rest totally worth it? Or do you have some adorable kitty pictures to share? I could use them.

*You could technically call me biased because Ashley is one of my critique partners of total and epic stupendousness, but I’m being totally serious about this book.