On Being Old, also Finishing Books

Most of the time I don’t feel very old. This last weekend, as I practiced calligraphy with a bunch of lovely older Japanese ladies, one of them commented,

“Oh, you are so genki [spirited, healthy]. The children must really like you.”

I nodded. “They like me because I’m like a child myself, I think.”

She hit my arm and said, “That’s right, that’s right!” as the other ladies whooped with laughter.

So usually I forget that I’m nearing 25 which, while definitely not old, isn’t exactly bright-eyed and rosy-cheeked. It doesn’t help that the large majority of folks I interact with are still older than me, thereby emphasizing this feeling. At which point I get home, check the news, and grow very quiet. Not quite so spirited.

Pretty much at this exact same time ten years ago, I was getting ready to go to school. Sophomore year. Full of potential and entitlement.

And then I watched thousands of people die on the television. At school, I acted like I had an idea of what it meant.

I didn’t.

But now my heart aches for that day, for those people, for our nation, no matter how firm I am in my belief of our strength and generally gentle power. I don’t know how y’all plan on “celebrating” today, but if you have the time and the inclination, consider volunteering. Or even just donating. It can make a world of difference.

In other news.

If you’ve been waiting on a critique, email, twitter response, photo, attention, smiles, pretty much anything from me for the last two-ish months–I apologize for the many, many delays.

See. I was writing this book.

And I just finished it.

Albatross by Paul Tixier on flickr. Click the photo for more, he's great!

Yeah, I just finished the first draft of novel #1 for this year. (AHHHHH OMG SQUEE YESS THIS IS AWESOOOOMME.) (Can I do a novel #2? WE SHALL SEE.) Now I’m setting it aside for a couple weeks to let it stew before I polish up the first few chapters and send them off to Agent Sara for her perusal and opinion.

Here, have some quick info:

Tentative title
: Albatross
Tentative genre: YA Scifi
Current wordcount: 77,998
Really awful, spur-of-the-moment logline: Albatross, a paramilitary assassin, infiltrates an alien breeding facility to kidnap a powerful dignitary. When she starts falling for him, she must choose between her personal quest for justice and protecting humanity. [Ugh, seriously, could we get any more cliche? I’ll try again later.]

Also, I may have somehow gotten into the recent Talking Heads crit round at Miss Snark’s First Victim. Liked the comments LOTS, and will probably end up taking out the line about Esteban’s lack of chest hair even though Albatross/Avery is actually older than him by a couple years. (Teehee.) Not quite sure about Albatross/Avery’s first line, but I’ll at least snip and edit.

All right, minions: How’s your Sunday? Any good moments in your writing, for my authorly-types? Any tiny milestones for anybody? LET US CELEBRATE OUR AWESOME ON THIS OTHERWISE SAD-FACED DAY. 🙂 We’ll stick it to the terrorists by being full of super cool. (Also volunteering/donating.)