There are not enough hours in the day.

Fun information about my life recently! (In super duper LIST FORMAT.)

  1. Today I didn’t eat dinner until 11pm.
  2. I’m ridiculously excited that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic SEASON 2 has just started.


  3. Also Glee!
  5. AND The Girl of Fire and Thorns.
  6. Seriously guys, how the hey am I going to afford anything next month? SO MUCH GOOD TO BUY.
  7. I may have taught my students the use of “super” and “crazy” as synonyms for “very.”
  8. It’s so windy/stormy that the ferries to/from my island have been cancelled for two days. Tomorrow is up in the air.
  9. This last weekend (aside from sleeping) I spent a total of six hours at my house.
  10. It was a three day weekend.
  11. So, essentially, over the 55-ish hours I wasn’t sleeping, I was outside doing crazy things like socializing for 49 hours.
  12. This is why I’m still so behind on critiquing. (SORRY.)
  13. Also: banks are annoying.
  14. Seriously, banks. Get your act together. I’m sick and tired of this craziness.
  15. Finally: I got a package from my mom. CANDIED GINGER WIN NOMNOMNOM.

 So. Life continues being crazy. AND YOU, MINIONS?