Adventures of Living on a Semi-Tropical Island

So, it’s no secret that I’m madly in love with my island. That’s because, most of the time, it looks like this:

This is actually from my first attempt at a time lapse.

I mean, really, there’s a lot that people will endure for something like that. Gigantic poisonous bugs? Yeah, we got ’em. A six-week long rainy season? Annoying, but manageable. Shops that close at 10pm and traffic lights that stop running at 9? Eh. (Actually, I love when they stop the traffic lights. It means I don’t have to curse so much about shifting into first. HEEHEE. Still unable to drive well, yeh-hus.)

But seriously, guys. Look at this and tell me you wouldn’t fall in love, too:

A boat race from a couple years ago.

Well, astute readers may have noted my comment about the ferries in my last post. See, living on an island means that when fun things like typhoons/hurricanes roll in, we can get buffeted. Usually it’s not a big deal. By virtue of its placement in the Tsushima strait (or the “East Sea”), my island is protected by two giant land masses: Kyushu and South Korea. So while we can get some heavy winds/rain, it’s rare that the weather gets bad enough to affect every-day life.

Yeah. Until this last weekend when the ferries couldn’t run because of the waves.

For three days in a row!!!

I couldn’t get bananas at the grocery store.


(Actually, I don’t eat bananas in the summer because, whether true or not, I’ve heard that the potassium in bananas attracts mosquitoes and I hates hates hates mosquitoes sssss ssss.)

My friends and I noticed the size of the waves and thought they were epic in awesome. So we went a picture taking.

Here you go.

This is one of the surfing beaches on my island. That would not have been a smart time to surf.

Cray-Jay is attempting to fly! Or something. (Not sure about Cray-Jay as a nickname. I'll continue to think.)

The slight blur/romantic effect of this last picture was courtesy of the sea-salt spray hitting us. We were at least a hundred feet above the waves at all time, but the water still managed to fly into us. (This is when I’m very glad I use UV filters. Now I don’t have to worry as much about my lens.)

Weather is back to normal, though. Gorgeous blue sky outside right now 🙂 Just in time for my weekend trip to the city. So if my emails/twitter/posts get a lot less active, it’s because I’m, yanno, socializing. Or something.

So minions: are you jealous of my rocktastic island or what? Any sweet adventures on your part lately?