Glimpsage: Being a Teacher

…means being exposed to nasty-ass germs, whether you’re in Japan, China, or the good old US of A.

Not quite sure where I got this cold (could have been from my students or my recent adventures in Fukuoka). But it’s here. And it’s ready to play ball.

So picture this: A worn-down classroom filled with 37 students, all diligently competing to fill in a blank map–country names in ENGLISH of course, not Japanese. This got many groans, though I’m not sure why they were surprised. I do teach English. At two minutes to the end of class, I head to the front.

Me: [croaking] And that’s…oh no.

Students: [continue feverishly working/giggling]

Me: Uh. HEY. [Voice squeaks]

Students: [giggle, but look at me]

Me: So, quiet? Yeah? [Glance at clock–one minute to go. Search for team teacher–MIA. Make impatient grunting noises.]

Helpful student: HEY GUYS SHUT IT.

Me: Uh. Thanks. [still croaking] But maybe not so rude next time. So, I guess that’s it…I’ll come by and… [sways] Oh noooooooooo.

That might sound worse than it was, but honestly, it was pretty HIlarious. The students were amused and kept asking me to talk to them to hear my voice croak/squeak. The jerks. And then my teacher agreed when I said I looked like death. HAHAHAHA. Apparently they’re getting used to my very forward humor.


SO MINIONS: Any good cold remedies? I’m chugging water and taking lots of Vitamin C. Trying my best to get a solid 8 hours of sleep. I’m not big on popping pills unless necessary. And no, mom, I can afford neither the honey nor whiskey for hot totties.

(Well, I could, but then I couldn’t buy so much sake in Hiroshima in two weeks. HEEHEE.)