10 things I learned while watching Match Point

Totally did not see this coming.

  1. Even when he’s playing a douche, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is still insanely attractive, zoinks.
  2. Dramatic tension is SO COOL.
  3. Because you’re all, “But this has to happen! I’m expecting it!”. You glance at your friends and squeal in fear/excitement, and then BOOM. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN.
  4. I will never, ever, ever ever ever ever cheat or be with someone who is cheating. 0.0
  5. I will accept slight plot holes when it involves sexy dudes. (Seriously, that scene in the wheat field? a) that could not be comfortable; b) I just can’t figure out the logistics, c) how do two people sneak into a house, dripping wet, and covered in wheat, and have no one notice?)
  6. I miss London. THOSE MUSEUMS.
  7. Watching movies with good friends is epic in awesome.
  8. Apparently all rich women want is to get pregnant?
  9. People who accept patronizing attitudes, especially regarding money, are capable of anything.
  10. Really, people in general are capable of scary shiznits.

Recommended! Not my usual type of movie, but glad I watched it. It taught me some good things about red herrings, using character to create plot tension, and oh. Man. Just fun, if slightly unbelievable–in a good way. Also, anyone who’s seen the movie and read Crime and Punishment, how many parallels are there?

Oh, and should I ever actually try to read Crime and Punishment?

…here, have another picture of JRM, just because. Well. 😀

Yes please.